Star Wars: Shadow War

Station Fall

Destiny awaits

Episode I: Under the Black

The players arrive at Sel Zonn station above the planet Dac. Each hides their own agenda or secrets, yet all of them are there for no particular reason except to find adventure. As many are wont to do, they each made their way to Gundark’s Cantina. As if drawn to each other by the Force, a sentiment echoed by Dorn Kol, the five strangers began talking, looking for ways to make a few creds.

Eventually, out of the corner of their eyes, Dorn Kol and Keth Secura spotted two humans walking repeated by the cantina, each sporting poorly hidden hold-out blasters and talking quietly into comlinks. As Korto Vos, Keth Secura, and Tav Fey’lya stepped onto the Promenade to investigate, a blue-skinned, red-eyed severely injured woman stumbled into Vos, begging for help. As the group prepared to lend assistance, two stormtroopers arrived on the scene, demanding everyone lay down any weapons and hand the woman over.


One thing led to another and the Promenade erupted with gunfire. The battle quickly went south for the Empire and its informants when Galak Dresdon stepped out and hit the stormtroopers with a powerful Force blast, sending both stormtroopers into unconsciousness. The first informant went down next from a hail of blaster shots from Tav, just before two more stormtroopers arrived. It took the group more than a few shots, but their remaining foes fell to their concentrated fire with astute direction from Tav and Galak drawing all fire to him. Their foes defeated, the group grabbed some blasters and comlinks from their fallen foes and a datapad from the blue-skinned woman before hightailing it off the Promenade.

Taking refuge in a rundown hotel in one of the non-human areas of the station, they searched the woman’s datapad for clues, finding the words “V14" and “Switch.” Vos used psychometry on the datapad to discover a black protocol droid somehow connected to it, while Dorn used Vos’s description and farseeing to see the same droid and the woman talking about a mysterious object of some importance.

As Vos and Dorn used the Force to guide them, Keth and Tav hit the computer and streets respectively to dig up the following information. V14 was a storage bay deep in the station that was quarantined, but had frequent visits from various non-human species and was near the station’s primary exhaust systems. Rumor had it that the non-humans were operating some kind of criminal organization out of that section of the station. Try as the might, none of them could dig up any information on “Switch.”

Wary of both Imperial patrols and whatever lay within the quarantine zone, the circumstantial allies entered the decrepit bowels of the station, where every other light was burned out and blaster marks and carbon scoring marred the walls, ceilings, and floor. The entire area reeked of ozone and electrical fires with pools of coolant littering the hallways at regular intervals.

Rounding a corner, they saw two Gamorreans standing guard outside Storage Bay V14. With confidence bred through upbringing, Keth Secura sauntered upto the guards, waved his hand before them, reaching out to their minds in the Force. “My companions and I are allowed entrance,” he said. The Gamorreans squealed excitedly and vigorously shook their heads yes as they left the group pass.

Storage Bay V14 wasn’t quite what the companions expected. Like the hallways outside, the bay was dilapidated, yet sitting in the center of the bay was a large, finely crafted desk made of Japor ivory wood, which meant the desk was both priceless and rare. Sitting peacefully behind the desk was a protocol droid with shiny, ebony coverings that appeared to soak up light and offer only the slightest reflection. The droid’s eyes flickered slightly, as though imitating a person blinking rapidly. Standing just out of sight, four guards of various non-human species stood careful watch over the bay. A Twi’lek stood casually behind a large stake of crates, carefully watching the droid, and a red and white astromech droid beeped quietly to itself next to the protocol droid.


Vos walked up to the protocol droid, followed shortly by his companions, and asked if the droid knew of a blue-skinned, red-eyed woman. The droid, speaking in a High Galactic-Coruscant accent, replied. “Mayam? How is she doing?”

Keth stepped around the desk and addressed the Twi’lek as brother. The Twi’lek, Deel, scoffed at the attention and said he worked for Switch, motioning to the protocol droid.

Apparently, Switch, a local crime boss of the station, had dealings with Mayam and arranged to secure a package for her until the Imperials chasing her eased off. Upon learning of her death, Switch was unconcerned yet asked how he might help the five companions. A bit of gruff negotiations ensued and Switch offered to tell them the location of the Mayam’s package for 500 credits and an agreement that would each agreed to pass him information on a regular basis. They countered, or more aptly threatened, with the fact that he might want to divested himself of the package as it was clearly wanted by the Imperials, pay them a 500 credit fee for taking it off his hands, and provide them with transport off the station. Switch, once again unnervingly nonplussed by their innuendos, counted with them paying him 500 credits for the package and he would secure them safe passage off Sel Zonn station for the modest sum of 300 credits each.

Angered by the offer or perhaps trying to call the droid’s bluff, Vos stormed toward the exit. He got halfway to the door when blaster fire erupted outside…


We begin. May the force be with you… Always.

Station Fall
Malaryal Malaryal

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