Astromech Droid


Small droid (2nd-degree) nonheroic 3
Int +4; Senses darkvision, low-light vision; Perception +3
Languages Basic, Binary, Bothan, High Galactic

Defenses Ref 14, Fort 9, Will 10
hp 10; Threshold 9
Immune droid traits

Speed 6 squares (wheeled), 4 squares (walking)
Melee electroshock probe +1 (1d8)
Base Atk +2; Grp +0

Abilities Str 9, Dex 16, Con —, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 7
Feats Skill Focus (Mechanics), Skill Focus (Use Computer), Skill Training (Pilot), Toughness
Skills Knowledge (physical sciences) +9, Mechanics +15, Perception +3, Pilot +9, Stealth +9, Use Computer +13
Systems wheeled locomotion, walking locomotion, magnetic feet, heuristic processor, 6 tool appendages, 1 claw appendage, 1 telescopic appendage, diagnostics package, integrated comlink, internal storage (2 kg), improved sensor package, darkvision
Possessions astrogation buffer (storage device, 5 memory units), circular saw, electronic arc wielder, electroshock probe, fire extinguisher, holoprojector, holorecorder


Also known as Reme, this astromech driod was previously owned by Mayam and rescued by the heroes from the Empire on Sel Zonn Station. They discover a mysterious file expertly hidden and sliced into Reme’s personality matrix.


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