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Droids and Gangsters

What a slippery slope we stand on...

Episode I: Under the Black

After the sounds of blaster fire from outside the storage bay, a large, well-dressed Chevin burst into the room, a group of seven Nikto thugs filing in behind him. “So you thought you could hide your deal with the offworlders from me, droid? I’m tired of not getting my cut! Turn him into a scrap heap, boys!” he yelled before the Nikto opened fire into the room.


Galak returned the salvo of blaster fire with a powerful Force slam, knocking all but the Chevin to the ground. Disgruntled, the Chevin, whom the heroes would later find out was known as Ganga Lor, roared, “What am I paying you for, kill these fools!” Immediately, Switch’s four men and majordomo, Deel, turned their blasters on Switch and the heroes. While difficult, the battle was won when Ganga, foolishly refusing to surrender to Galak, was knocked unconscious.

Wisps of smoke drifting from the dead thugs’ blaster burns, Switch promptly thanked the heroes for their assistance and resumed their interrupted negotiations. The heroes, led by Vos and Galak, demanded that, in return for their assistance in dispatching Ganga Lor, that Switch hand over the package and provide them with a ship to get off the station. They would of course return his generosity by paying him a portion of the money they made in the future. Switch promptly refused to accept the deal, countering with offering to provide them the location of the package at no cost. His mind clouded with anger of the droid’s aloof, borderline insulting attitude, pulled out both of his pistols and blew two gaping holes in the droid. Switch’s eyes blinked incredulously once before fading to black, the crime boss then collapsed onto of his demolished astromech companion.

His dumbfounded companions stared at Vos as they tried to figure out what to do. Figuring Ganga Lor might have the information they were looking for, Keth went to work on patching the Chevin’s wounds and bringing him to consciousness. The heroes dragged the groggy, but awake, Ganga over to Switch’s desk and resumed their unrealistic and condescending demands with the surviving crime boss.

While thankful for not killing him, Ganga admitted he had no idea about any package the droid was hiding, he merely came here to get rid of a rival that had been a thorn in his side for months now and was eating away at his territory. The heroes, the term being used loosely at this point, demanded a ship in return for his life. Ganga admitted that he wanted them off his station, but he couldn’t give them what he didn’t have.

As his companions interrogated Ganga, Keth Secura began working on Switch’s computer in hopes of discovering more about the package. After almost locking himself out of the system, the Twi’lek was about the cypher the information he was looking for, Mayam’s package was hidden in the Blue Deck Main Docking Bay, along with a crate of Corellian ale Switch was smuggling. Blue Deck was the primary residence of the Imperial elite aboard Sel Zonn station, and a frequent shore leave destination for any Imperial stationed on Dac. Just as he was logging out of the system, Keth found references to Switch having dealings with another crime syndicate known as the Black Sun.

Finally, wanting nothing more than to be rid of his enemies-turned-savors-turned-ruffians, Ganga sliced into Switch’s system in search of a ship for them. He found the Errant Twilight, an old Corellion XS Stock Freighter that some Imperial officer had in storage in a Red Deck Docking Bay. The bay hadn’t been accessed in a a few weeks, and Switch appeared to have been eyeing it as he had the bay’s passcodes on file. Ganga refused to provide them with anything else, and the heroes, realizing they would get nothing more, let him leave, with the understanding that either they or Ganga Lor might contact the other for information or work.

Before leaving for Blue Deck, Vos attempts psychometry on Switch’s husk of a body, but is unable to gleam any information from the Force.

The heroes then depart the storage bay in two groups, the three humans in one and the non-humans in another, in hopes of being less conspicuous when the arrive in the anti-alien Blue Deck.

They make it to Blue Deck without incident to find the level like no other on the station. It is pristine, clean and plastered with pro-Palpatine posters. Taking a stock of the situation, the group notice a pathetic looking man with a mop of greasy blonde hair and a physique that is little more than skin hanging off bones and more importantly one who was on the Promenade just as Mayam appeared but ran as soon as the firefight broke out.


At the same time, Dorn noticed a late-20s, bearded Human male eyeing the same individual. He clearly carries himself as a military man, and walks as he belongs in the pro-Human, pro-Empire halls.

Led by Galak, the group approaches the greasy man and ask if he was following them. The man is obviously scared and wants nothing more than to get away from them. Galak convinces him to go wait at a nearby cantina until their return in a half-hour. The man quickly agrees and skirts off to the bar in question.

At that point, the bearded man approaches the group. Dorn, recognizing him from the Force vision that had sent him to Dac, opens with, “About time that you arrived.” The man, Zaphod, explains that he overheard them discussing the Main Hanger Bay and that he is also looking for something there. There is no doubt in any of their minds that they were meant to meet up like this.


The six reach the double doors of the docking bay without incident and prepare to enter. Vos and Keth enter the bay while the rest hide just to the sides of the door. After the doors close behind them, cutting them off from their allies, the two find three stormtroopers standing guard with an blonde, female Imperial officer in command.

“In the name of the Emperor, I command you to leave this bay at once,” the Imperial officer barks, looking sternly at Vos and Keth.

Vos continues walking forward, attempting to bluff his way into the Bay, “And I command you to let us pass.”

The Imperial officer drawer her side arm, shouting “Fire!"



It is to be noted that perhaps Vos is not the ideal candidate for the initial stages of any encounter as his attitude seems to bring much violence about when a more peaceful solution could be more profitable.

Droids and Gangsters
Malaryal patarlea

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