Star Wars: Shadow War

Droids, Guns, and Jedi

Blaster fire erupts within the Blue Deck Cargo Bay as the heroes storm into the room to support Korto Vos and Keth Secura. They make quick work of the stormtroopers, despite the appears for a repulser sled and more four more stormtroopers from inside a storage room.

As Zaphod watches the door, Dorn administers first aid to the unconscious Imperial officer before handcuffing her and placing her in the cargo bay’s control room. With a certain amount of glee, Galak strips off his combat suit and begins getting into the armor of a dead stormtrooper that had been shot in the head. Keth begins searching through the station’s computer banks to determine if any alarms had been sounded and if the way was clear to Red Deck’s Cargo Bay and their future ship. Tav searches the second storage room for the Cornelian Ale mentioned by Switch, while Korto cracks open the crate being hauled by the repulsor sled to find a yellow and white astromech droid with no power.

As they debate what to do with the droid and how to get it to the ship, the doors to the cargo bay open and six more stormtroopers fill in. Galak, having just finished securing his stormtrooper armor, without a helmet, blurts out “Glad you came, we need help securing these prisoners!” While its doubtful the ruse would have worked, Korto made the whole thing moot when he blasted the first two stormtroopers with the repulsor sled’s blaster.


As the heroes exchange blaster fire with the stormtroopers, a brown robed figured appears behind the Imperials, ignites two green bladed lightsabers and begins slaughtering the troopers. As she spins, slashes, and jumps in am impressive display of lightsaber skill, her hood falls off to reveal the female Togruta. Within seconds, the remaining stormtroopers are dead and she motions the heroes out of the cargo bay. “Quickly leave, more reinforcements are on the way. I’ll cover your retreat, just get off the station!"

Detatching the crate from the repulser sled, they heroes quickly take the word of this mysterious Jedi and make their way through the station. As they move through the hallways, Keth redirects some troop movements out of their way by slicing into the station’s computer, Korto sneaks them by a patrol guarding an intersection with a clever distraction, and Zaphod grabs Korto just before he rounds the corner and into a roaming patrol. At the turbolift, Dorn, sensing something grave was about to happen, grabs Keth’s hand just before the Twi’lek calls for a lift, and then motions for the turbolift adjacent to them. Regrettably the turbolift opens to a few confused Imperial citizens, but Tav quickly waves them off and herds them away from the roaming patrol he senses nearby. Finally, at the cargo bay, and their brand new ship, Galak runs into the opening boarding ramp and begins bypassing systems to initiate a cold start up of the engines.


In a bit of unbelievable luck and skill, they manage to blast away from Sel Zonn Station in the Errant Twilight. Without even checking the coordinates, they punch the hyperdrive as the clear Dac’s gravity well. A quick check of the Nav computer confirms they they are on a Coreward course to Corellia.

In the safety of hyperspace, the group tends to the wounds, explores the ship, and then flips the switch to turn on the mysterious droid they just saved. While at first confused by his surroundings, R3-M3, or Reme, as he likes to be called, tells the story how he was purchased by Mayam on Obroa-skai. From what he could tell, she was extremely worried for her life and on the run from someone, but he didn’t have much time to find out any more as shortly after purchasing him, she shot him off. The next thing he remembered was waking up to the heroes.

In a quest to determine what’s so special about Reme, Keth and Galak begin doing a thorough search of both his physical parts and his programing. It doesn’t take the two long before discovering a strange file sliced delicately and masterfully into the Reme’s personality matrix. While the file is retrievable, the risk to Reme’s personality is high. A failure of any kind would require a memory wipe and the possible loss of the file. With steady hands, the Force, and Galak’s help, Keth begins the delicate computer surgery to remove the file. While the procedure takes hours, he successfully, though just barely, manages to retrieve the file. Punching the file into Mayam’s datapad, they discover it to be encrypted so expertly that it would take a specific cypher to unlock its mysteries.

Without any more to go on, the heroes take the time to get to know each other. Galak shares his Imperial past on the planet Kashyyyk, and his escape from Imperial service, two facts that seem of great interest to Korto Vos. This prompts Dorn to use his farseeing ability on Korto Vos, prompting the Kel Dor to ask about Vos’s father. Vos doesn’t answer.


Malaryal Malaryal

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