Star Wars: Shadow War

Hutts and Gladiators

Though Raden’s thugs and droids put up of fight, the heroes manage to take them down with only a little trouble. After few rough words and some not-so-subtle threats, Warrick Raden acquiesces to the heroes demands and takes them to Darga the Hutt’s secret compound.

Raven takes them on a 30-minute ride through the city, weaving in and out of streets and ruined buildings, that the heroes aren’t 100% positive that the know where they are any more. As they approach Darga’s palace, they see that it is cleverly hidden among the ruins of several destroyed Neimoidian palaces. In fact, on first approach, there seems to be nothing of importance in the area. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the Hutt’s palace is cobbled together from former Neimoidian estates. The entrance to the palace is a pair of massive blast doors, 5 meters tall and carved with elaborate Hutt runes, set into the front wall. The doors appear to be unguarded.

Raden knocks and cowardly converses with a pair of red glowing eyes in a small window inset within the blast doors. After a stern warning to Raden about betraying Darga, the blast doors open and they are led through dimly lit hallways until here the soft sound of music and voices ahead.

Darga’s throne room is both opulent and repulsive. A thick layer of oddly scented smoke drifts through the air, rising out of braziers in the corners of the room. Once-beautiful tapestries line the walls, though most of them have been torn, burned, or stained to the point that they are almost unrecognizable. A raised dais in the center of the room supports the massive bulk of Darga the Hutt, and behind his dais a large, open balcony seems to extend into darkness.

After having Raden dragged away for betraying his confidence, he addresses the heroes directly. In obvious that he’s sizing them up and isn’t afraid of them. He eventually invites the heroes to stay at his court for a few days to decide if he’ll sell them the hyperdrive parts. While they offer the Corellian ale they have in trade, Darga chuckles and tells them that it won’t be enough. He then invites them to a lavish feast where he pointedly questions each of the heroes, especially in terms of what their strengths are.

The following morning, Darga holds court and tells the heroes that Raden has to pay for his betrayal, and he wants them to execute the turncoat for him. Quickly thinking, Tav offers the option of having Raden fight for his life in order to provide Darga and the court with his sport and enjoyment. Darga wholeheartedly approves of this idea and sends Raden back to his cell.

Throughout the encounter, Zaphod, Tav, and Dorn each notice Igren Demos, Darga’s majordomo, watching them suspiciously with his large, red eyes. As the encounter passes, they feel the Force within the Neimodian and the taint of the Dark Side around him.

Later that morning, the heroes are approached by TC-663, Darga’s translator droid. After asking to speak to them in private, he asks if he can get their help in decrypting a file he has found. During the course of the conversation, he inadvertently lets slip that he works for Switch. The heroes agree to help Sixty-Six also long as the droid owes them a favor in return. Galek uses telepathy to let his companions know that they must destroy TC and prevent anyone else from getting the file as he believe its the same file they got from Reme.

In the late afternoon, Darga calls his entire court to witness a gladiatorial combat. After a bit of friendly taunting, the heroes agree to participate in the games, with even considering using weapons set on stun.

Their opponents in the ring are: Warrick Raden by himself; the Karg Brothers, a trio of hulking Gamorean brothers wielding vibro-axes; and Zayda, a devious looking Rodian, with his grenade launcher toting battle droid companion, RX-7246.

The Karg Brothers



Zaphod quickly comes up with a plan of attack. While Galek and Dorn go after Raden with an offer to fight alongside them to allow him to live, Zaphod and Tav go after the Rodian and battle droid. While the plan is well thought out and inspired, the Force is not with Zaphod, who comes with a hairs breath of death by a Karg Brother’s vibro-ax. If not for the careful shots of Tav, an excellent sharpshooter, the fight would have gone completely different. By the end of the brawl, Raden is skewered by a Karg Brother and the PCs are victorious.


Malaryal Malaryal

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