Star Wars: Shadow War

Imperial Entanglements and Federation Blues

Opening Crawl

Sitting in the cockpit of the Errant Twilight, Dorn Kol meditates as his shipmates busy themselves with various mundane tasks. As he calms himself and reaches out to galaxy and life surrounding him, his mind thinks back to the Jedi woman who had saved their lives. The Force answers, showing him the Togruta sitting in a ship of her own, full of health, and priming with hope.

As if in answer to Dorn vision, the Twilight suddenly lurches out of hyperspace with alarms blaring to life throughout the ship. Floating before them in the vastness of space is an Imperial Customs Corvette and Interdictor cruiser. Cutting through the alarms, the com comes to life:


“This is the Imperial Customs Corvette Assessor to unidentified freighter. By right of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Palpatine, you are ordered to stand down and prepared to be boarded and searched for contraband. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”

With little time to figure out what to do, the crew makes themselves ready to board. Tav deftly hides all the contraband found in the ship within the smuggling compartments as Dorn advises Keth on proper Imperial procedure in these circumstances. Galak meanwhile heads to the hatch to great the Imperials.

Once attached to the Assessor, Lt. Peel and a squad of stormtroopers board the Twilight and conduct their search with Galak and Dorn by their side. Galak deftly belays any suspicions while Dorn keeps his eye on the Imperials to see if anything is out of the ordinary. The Force was with them, and Lt. Peel let them go without even a minor infraction or fine.

As the Twilight, limps out of the inderdictor’s gravity well the crew realizes the true cost their narrow escape—their primary hyperdrive has been damaged to the point where they’ll need replacement parts before Galak can attempt to repair it. Dorn searches the ship’s star charts to find that the only suitable, nearby planet they could possibly get parts from is Cato Neimoidia. Using the backup hyperdrive, the Twilight slowly makes into hyperspace and it new destination.

Cato Neimoidia is a shadow of its former once glorious past. Once a “purse world” of the Trade Federation, the planet has never recovered from the Clone Wars, and the city of Zarra still shows countless and obvious signs of devastation of one of the last battles of the war.


Landing at the nearly empty spaceport, Galak and Dorn each realize that they have seen this city in a recent Force vision. The heroes then realize that they have each shared a vision—Dorn, Zaphod, and Galak one vision and Vos, Keth, and Tav another.

The heroes take some time to search local databases and local rumor mills of any mentions of the red, tattooed Twi’lek woman but find no luck. Though Dorn is able to confirm that one of the last battles of the Clone Wars happened on Cato Neimoidia and pictures he found on the Holonet match those of his vision.

The spend the rest of the afternoon searching for how to get the needed hyperdrive parts for their ship. They visit Vigro’s Repulsorlifts to find that the only one that would have the parts is someone named Darga. Tav is unable to dig up any more information on Darga, but they pull their resources and drop a total of 1,000 credits in bribes to discover that its Darga the Hutt and though no one knows where his hideout is, a Devaronian by the name of Warrick Raden works for him from time to time.

Approaching Raden’s local haunt, a bombed out warehouse at the edge of town, the heroes are beset by Raden, a group of thugs, and two excavation droids. While the battle goes well in the beginning, the thugs quickly retreat into the building after Tav quickly drops two with two well placed shots from his new Longbarrel blaster rifle.


Malaryal Malaryal

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