Star Wars: Shadow War

Let the Wookiee Win...

Finally alone in their rooms, the heroes take the time to decrypt the file given to them by Six Six. What they find is evidence of Igren Demos communicating with someone near the Unknown Region by hacking through an Imperial relay station. While they can’t determine who Igren was communicating, the last communique includes the heroes names the gave to Darga and their physical descriptions.

The following morning, the group approach Darga with this information in hopes of leveraging it to get they hyperdrive parts. Darga immediately summons Igren who prompt denies any wrong doing, explaining that as Darga’s majordomo, it is his responsibility to communicate with many individuals, most of which require a great deal of discretion. Darga agrees with his majordomo and dismisses the heroes with an air of displeasure about him.

When the heroes turn to leave, the court is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a group of obviously dangerous people. The delegation consists of three tough-looking Humans, a Rodian with a large blaster rifle, a black-furred Wookiee, and a scarred Zabrak leading two Twi’lek slaves by their collars. The audience chamber falls silent immediately, and its apparent that Darga is less than pleased to see them. Taking up space in the middle of the chamber, the group glare at everyone in the room.

Darga asks what they are doing here, and the Zabrak steps forward and sets on the floor before saying in heavily accented Basic, “The slaves you have been selling us are worthless, Darga! They have been dying before we can even get them to market. They are used up—second-rate! I want my credits back for the last four shipments!”

Darga lets out a low, rumbling laugh that sounds sinister even for the gluttonous Hutt. He rolls his eyes toward the heroes, uttering, “See what ungrateful business partners I have?” and then tells the Zabrak that his slaves were good and its not his fault that the Iron Ring can’t take care of their slaves. Galak steps forward to defend Darga, which gets the approval of the Hutt. As Keth steps forward to use mind trick on the leader to tell him to appologize to Darga and accept the deal as is, Tav and Dorn spot a Twi’lek slave poisoning a drink meant for Darga. Tav warns Darga and which causes the Zabrak to immediately retract his demands before making a hasty retreat.

Once the slavers are gone, Darga announces he will make his decision tomorrow about the hyperdrive parts.

The next morning as their heroes are making their way back from breakfast, they hear whispers amongst those they pass that the Imperials have arrived. Worried that they have been discovered and that they might be betrayed by Darga, the heroes make their way to the court and take positions behind the crowd.

Standing before Darga’s throne is a striking blonde woman and two older men who look strikingly similar to each other if it weren’t for separate scars and haircuts. The two men are each carrying identical blaster carbines and have the air about them as if they are seasoned military.


The woman introduces herself as Lt. Namada and inquires if Darga has encountered anyone matching the heroes descriptions. She explains that they are wanted for industrial sabotage and wanton destruction of Imperial property on Dac. Darga denies seeing the heroes and tells Lt. Namada that he will contact her if he does come across them. She thanks the abut for his time and leaves only as a discipline officer could. As Lt. Namada passes their concealed spot within Darga courtiers, the heroes detect that she is Force sensitive. The odd thing is that don’t sense it as much as smell it.


The following morning Darga tells the heroes that he will sell the heroes the hyperdrive parts for 1,000 credits and an agreement that the will work with each in the future if the need arises. The heroes agree and make arrangements to get the parts.

Six Six escorts the heroes to the hyperdrive parts waiting for them on a repulsorsled at the back entrance to Darga’s compound. As the heroes walk through the labrynth of hallways, Dorn reaches out with the Force to see where Lt. Namada is and if they should expect any problems with her. He finds her piloting a shuttle with her two escorts, both now dressed in stormtrooper armor. As he peers at the through the Force, he feels through the Force that the troopers are clones and not only are they clones, but they look exactly like Zaphod!

Exiting the compound, the heroes find themselves in a small back alley courtyard with the repulsorsled and hyperdrive parts awaiting them. No sooner do they all enter the alley, but a sycophantic voice says, “I always knew you were up to no good, Six Six.” Igren Demos then steps out from behind a nearby wall.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you somehow managed to charm that idiot Darga into giving you what you want. But I’m afraid, we can’t allow that.” Igren slips his hand into this sleeve and pulls out a lightsaber, as he ignites the blue blade a huge, cloaked figure steps out of the shadows behind him.


The newcomer slips off his robes to reveal a dark brown, almost black, furred wookiee, his long fur spun into dreadlocks in many places. The wookiee issues a primal, toothy growl that seems to rumble to the depths of your body and soul. Red lightsabers ignite in each of his hands.

With a blood curdling roar the wookiee shudders with rage and advances on the heroes. Galak immediately lets loose with a Force slam, blowing their two opponents to the ground and obviously injuring the Neimodian severely. Keth follows up with a quick blaster bolt to Igren, finishing of the majordomo without incident. The Wookiee on the other hand looks barely phased.

Dorn begins to reach out with the Force to slam the Wookiee with debris in the alley, but switches tactics when he senses a light side Force aura from Igren’s lightsaber. The shock of the Dark side distracts him however and he fails to call the lightsaber to his hand.

The Wookiee stands up and throws one of lightsabers at Galak, narrowly missing him, though the blade does fly back to the Wookiee’s hand. Galak replies with another Force slam, and while it does take the Wookiee to the ground again it does seem to do much damage. The others fire a few shots at their opponent but all are batted away with casual flicks of a lightsaber. The Wookiee retaliates with a Force slam of his own sending everyone to the ground.

The Wookiee then steps forward and swings his blade at Galak, neatly separating the Human’s arm from his shoulder. It’s then the heroes realize that, though they have given the Wookiee a few bruises to worry about, they are probably out matched and make a break for the repulsorsled.

As they speed away from the alley, Galak reaches out a pulls both Igren’s lightsaber and his own arm to him with the Force. Tav takes a momen, aims through the sight of his trusty Longbarrel rifle and squeezes off the most beautiful shot of his life, nailing the Wookiee at center mass and sending him back to the ground for a third time. Amazing, their foe stands up shakily, looks at their departing sled for a moment before using the Force to make a hasty retreat across the rooftops.

Taking no chances, the heroes put all possible speed into their flight and arrive at the Errant Twilight without pursuit or further incident. To their surprise they find the Togruta Jedi from Sel Zonna station awaiting them at the ship. She greets them and urges them to board the ship, so they can get to the safety of space and look after Galak before repairing the ship. She tells them she explain everything once they are safely in orbit.


Malaryal Malaryal

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