Jedi Shadows

Despite the name, Jedi Shadows are steadfast defenders of the light. Before the fall of the Jedi Order, Jedi Shadows were selected for Jedi Council approval by their masters and are trained to sniff out evil. Their goal was the obliteration of the dark side, including the Sith and any other malevolent Force organization. In disguise, under cover of night or the Force, they ventured where the stench of darkness was pungent, gathering intelligence to deal villainy a killing blow.

After the fall of the Republic, Ahsoka Tano revived this ancient order of Jedi to fight the Empire in the shadows and darkness. The Jedi Shadows’ goal is to pave the way for the formenting rebellion and protect those caught in the way. It is there believe that a new hope will arise to beat back the darkness and it is their job to fan the flame.

The Shadows have aligned themselves with the Antarian Rangers, an organization of non-Force users that once fought alongside the Jedi and provided support and assistance. Since Order 66, the Antarian Rangers have been hunter to extinction second only to the Jedi Purge.

Historically, shadows were typically humorless loners. Their perceptions of reality were black and white, and they saw signs of the dark side everywhere, even among their peers. Shadows were, therefore, implemented cautiously, seeing most action after epic Force conflicts. They had no qualms about lying to or betraying those who were evil, but they exercised restraint, understanding their definition of “evil” did not always match the Jedi Council’s.

Ahsoka Tano and her three apprentices are not as zealous with their beliefs and actions as their predecessors, a result of their changed mandate and the times. They do not have the luxury of the Jedi Council’s backing and resources, and are hunted on now outlaws themselves. Ahsoka refers to their group of Shadows simply because the live and work in the shadows, fighting their way to a new dawn for the galaxy.

Similar to their predecessors, the Shadows are not beyond lying to or betraying those who are evil, and sometime those who are unknowingly doing the dark side’s work, and thus walk a fine line between light and dark. If the Jedi Council were around they might very well brand the group as tainted by the dark side. Ahsoka feels that its her personal duty to ensure she, nor her apprentices, fall.

Jedi Shadows

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