Mon Calamari

Amphibious land-dwellers, the Mon Calamari share their Outer Rim home world, Dac, with the aquatic Quarren. They tend to be soft-spoken but vigorously defend causes that inspire them. Their homeworld was enslaved within the first year of the Galactic Empire, and the Mon Calamari and Quarren have lived as slaves since then.

Mon Calamari are widely recognized for their keen analytical and organizational abilities, and they have developed a reputation as being among the foremost ship designers in the galaxy. They see everything they create as a work of art, not just as a tool or weapon.

Personality: Creative, quiet, and inquisitive, the Mon Calamari are dreamers who cherish peace, but aren’t afraid to fight for the causes they believe in.

Physical Description: The average Mon Calamari stands 1.8 meters tall. They have high-domed heads, large eyes, and smooth, mottled skin.

Homeworld: Dac.

Language: Mon Calamaran and Basic.

Example Names: Ackbar, Bant, Cilghal, Ibtisam, Jesmin, Oro, Perit, Rekara.

Adventurerers: Mon Calamari seek their dreams among the stars. They are idealistic and daring, often attaching themselves to causes that seem hopeless or lost right from the start. They strive to prove that even thinkers and dreamers can be brave and daring when the need arises.

Mon Calamari share the following species traits:

  • Ability Modifiers: +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, –2 Constitution. Mon Calamari are bright and prudent, but they have relatively frail physiques.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Mon Calamari have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Mon Calamari base speed is 6 squares. They have a swim speed of 4 squares.
  • Breathe Underwater: As amphibious creatures, Mon Calamari can’t drown in water.
  • Expert Swimmer: A Mon Calamari may choose to reroll any Swim check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it is worst. In addition, a Mon Calamari may choose to take 10 on Swim checks even when distracted or threatened.
  • Low-Light Vision: Mon Calamari ignore concealment (but not total concealment) from darkness.
  • Conditional Bonus Feat: Keenly perceptive, a Mon Calamari with Perception as a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Perception) as a bonus feat.
  • Automatic Languages: Basic and Mon Calamarian.

Mon Calamari

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